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Small dryer & Hoffmann kiln
Small dryer & Tunnel kiln
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Tunnel dryer&Tunnel kiln
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Small dryer & Hoffmann kiln Brictec design

This program adopts the double setting process that is semi-stiff extrusion, drying by the tunnel dryer with small section and fired by the flat ceiling dryer with small section.

The dryer adopts brick-concrete structure, pre-cast concrete roof. Inner wall thickness 240mm, sidewall thickness is 490mm. The thickness of top structural layer and the insulation is 500mm.

The drying agent is the residual heat from Hoffman kiln. The quality of the brick drying will be ensured by adjusting the system to control wind volume and temperature.

Dried green bricks are transported by tractor to Hoffman kiln where they are set manually.


This process is characterized by:

Advantages: less investment, production is not influenced by weather conditions, residual heat from Hoffman kiln is used.

Disadvantages: Hoffman kiln needs lots of labor, poor working conditions, not suitable for the production of high cell rate brick, low acceptance rate.

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