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The successful conclusion of 2011 industrial trans
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The successful conclusion of 2011 industrial transfer a series of activities in Xinjiang, China Building Materials industry topics Matchmaking

June 19-20, 2011 industrial transfer one of the activities as Xinjiang, China building materials industry topics Matchmaking Symposium was held in Urumqi, the meeting of the China Building Materials Federation and Mainland companies for their support, Joe Long, China Building Materials Federation German president to personally arrange a meeting preparations for and led the participants, more than 300 representatives from Mainland China and Xinjiang took part in this activity.

First, China Building Materials Federation attaches great importance. Qiao Longde, president of the China Building Materials Federation, the party secretary, executive vice Sun to the far, vice president James Chen personally led a delegation of 50 people attended the meeting. Commission by letter of arrangement according to the autonomous regions, the Autonomous Region on 20 April building material do Lv Zhijian, director and his entourage made a special trip to the China Building Materials Federation of formal convergence of industrial transfer docking activities. Indication requirements Qiaolong De president, the two sides on many occasions how to open the meeting to consult on the 18th Federation delegation arrived in the Kunlun hotel stay, Qiao Longde president immediately called the building material to do leadership to listen to the preparatory work report again considered the program of meetings.
Building materials well-known enterprises for their support. China Building Materials Group, China National Materials Group, Beijing Jinyu Group, Shanghai Building Materials Group, Tangshan Huida Ceramics Group, Guangdong New Pearl Ceramics Group, Beijing New Group, in multiplexing Group, Tianjin Cement Institute, the China Energy Conservation Investment Corporation of new materials, Global Stone 48 well-known companies of the Group and other domestic building materials to the meeting. Led by China National Materials Group chairman Tan Zhongming Corporation, Sinoma equipment, Sinoma cement participants and personally introduced Sinoma "12" in Xinjiang investment planning.

Preparations for the solid. Regional building material to do a thematic matchmaking Undertaker as the building materials industry has established a special working party secretary, director of Lv Zhijian, head of the team to a good start of the meeting. Pre-collected national associations, and large enterprise groups, to undertake the transfer of units of text material and printed into a book, during the meeting is also special arrangements for representatives of 33 units delivered speeches at the meeting, to convey to the delegates with a strong targeted information with the information.
During the meeting, all levels of government and people of all nationalities in Xinjiang sense of urgency on leaps and bounds, and Xinjiang has a unique political advantage, location advantage, energy advantage, resource advantage, policy advantage deeply touched every building materials to go Xinjiang delegation. Qiaolong De president of this to be highly evaluated that the event all-round, multi-angle, three-dimensional display Xinjiang policies, resources, energy advantage, so that we feel better harvest.

He just opened the prelude to the building materials industry moved westward, building materials enterprises must identify the location and the point of integration, this point of integration to meet the actual situation in Xinjiang, and second, to comply with their own advantages and third, in line with the building materials "Ten 25 planning requirements. He also stressed that the sub-industry professional docking is a good platform for the transfer of industries, focused and professional and strong, with good results. China Building Materials Federation should continue to act as "matchmaker" and to establish long-term mechanism to persevere in this work forward, to explore the experience in practice, to guide the building materials to other areas of western industrial transfer.

According to statistics, in the opening day, a group of companies with various parts of Xinjiang, state success of the contract. In the contract, more than 20 building materials projects, the amount of investment reached 6.73 billion yuan. Thematic matchmaking on the building materials industry, Jinan Jinniu brick Machinery Co., Ltd. company Korla City, Xinjiang reached a cooperation agreement to invest 188 million to build an annual output of 300 million new wall materials in the project. Number of enterprises such as Beijing Jinyu Group, Shanghai Building Materials Group companies after the meeting went straight now examined with the intention to state, but more far-reaching significance of this meeting is to build the mainland enterprises a platform for exchange and communication in our region. I believe there will be more building materials projects landing in Xinjiang.

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