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Cracks caused by poor drying performance of raw material.
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For the raw material, if the content ratio of fine particle material is higher, the plasticity index is higher, and the drying sensitivity coefficient of this material is also higher, in the drying process, the outer surface shall be shrinked, the inner moisture is not exhausting form outside, then cracks shall be shown in net-type cracks.Tosolve this problem, it is required not only to increase the temperature of green bricks, but also increase the void ratio of bricks(add some aggregate material into raw material), it is suggested to add the aggregate material like coal gangue, shale, slag etc.
For the raw material with high plasticity , the vacuum degree of  extruding machine should not be too high. The high vacuum degree can increase the density of brick, which affect the moisture discharging of bricks, it will caused cracks  in net-type and even the cracks in preheating zone.
 The raw material of brick can be roughly divided into the following three kinds of material , raccording to the drying sensitivity coefficient:
1) low sensitivity < 1
2) medium sensitivity 1~2
3) High sensibility > 2
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